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Julia Wood, author and self-confessed English eccentric, has achieved a modicum of local celebrity in Leicester where she is based.

After graduating from Warwick University with an MA in Continental Philosophy she went on to write for The Pink Paper, The Journal of Oscar Wilde Studies and Philosopher’s Magazine.

In 1995 her play The Truth, The Whole Truth, The Lord Alfred Douglas Story was performed at The Hawth Studio Theatre, Crawley. For many years she was known among Wilde scholars as a crusader for the damaged reputation of Lord Alfred Douglas, with whom she has closely identified.

‘The sight of a man in drag gives me hope for the human race.’

Although Julia has published a book that is a result of a life-long fascination with Oscar Wilde and his time, she is better known for her style of dress which is inspired by her love of the Victorian period. She has all her clothes made by dress-makers with whom she collaborates in the design. She has appeared in the Leicester Mercury on numerous occasions, both for her dress style and also for her house, which replicates the splendour of a bygone age.

She has also been photographed by the artist Melanie Manchot and was featured in Manchot’s 2003 publication For a Moment, a Stage. Her image was also featured in the accompanying exhibition at City Gallery in the same year.