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Here you will find some of my recent publicity.

  The Book Launch – Friday 25-May-2007, 7pm


Held at the Cadogan Hotel, Cadogan Square, London.

I drove down Piccadilly, Oxford Street and Regent Street, in a horse-drawn Victorian funeral carriage (courtesy of Westways Carriage Horses), and arrived in Cadogan Square in splendour at 7pm.

Some photographs of this dramatic and exciting occasion can be found here.

  Trisha Goddard, Inside the Minds of Men, What do men really want?
20-April-2007 10.30am Channel 5


I appeared on the show as part of a panel of celebrities, where I stunned the other guests by arriving in a horse-drawn carriage.
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  Woman Magazine Valentines Issue 05-February-2007


I talk about the philosophy behind my lifestyle – about why I believe that a relationship-free life is more fulfilling creatively.
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  ITV's This Morning 18-January-2007


In conjunction with the spate of media interest surrounding my, apparently unusual, lifestyle choices, I was interviewed on “This Morning”, talking to Philip Schofield and Fern Britton about life, relationships, the universe and everything… Well, not quite everything, but watch this space…
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  The Daily Mail 4-January-2007


My Victorian Values. At an age when most teenage girls are setting off on a journey into the world of romance and relationships, 17-year-old Julia Wood was ending hers.
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  The Independent 17-December-2006


Personal Column: A sex-free life. Russell Brand says he wants to refrain from sex for a while. Julia Wood, 38, could give him some tips. She hasn't had a relationship since her teens .
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‘The best thing about being celibate is that I can eat lots of garlic.’