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Resurrecting Oscar

The title of my book, "The Resurrection of Oscar Wilde: A Cultural Afterlife", expresses my wish to bring all things Wildean into the twenty-first century, to inject a dash of opulence, glamour and beauty into an increasingly drab world. The book is published by James Clarke & Co. The Lutterworth Press, Cambridge.

"The Resurrection of Oscar Wilde: A Cultural Afterlife" is an exploration of public feeling towards Oscar Wilde and his tragedy, which has had a profound effect upon the psyche of the 20th and 21st Century public. Describing such responses as a wave of public mourning, comparisons with Elvis Presley and Diana Princess of Wales are cited in support of an argument which claims that Wilde, as an outsider and an exile, has come to represent the loneliness of contemporary culture.

You can purchase a copy here.

Vindicating Bosie

The Truth, The Whole Truth. The Lord Alfred Douglas Story.

The play was written in 1995. It received two performances, at The Hawth Studio Theatre in Crawley, the town where Lord Alfred Douglas is buried. It was the only work on Wilde at that time to be challenging the popular view of Lord Alfred Douglas as the villain of the Oscar Wilde story. read more >